MBTN Accelerates 10 Africa focused startups in its first cohort

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

When we announced that MBTN was becoming a Startup Accelerator back in January, we set a mission to identify and scale the next generation of African startups. Two months later, we're excited to have just concluded the first batch of our accelerator program.

Over 400 startups applied to the program from more than 17 African countries. To keep things focused, we decided we'd take only 10 startups into the program, and while we had to make difficult decisions, we believe we picked the 10 best startups to join the program.

We worked with them over a number of weeks, getting them further refined on a number of startup concepts, including: creating compelling customer propositions, finding product market fit, strategy & planning, fundraising strategies, pitch preparation among other topics. We also gave them access to our mentor network.

The startups are now graduating from the program and will pitch to an audience of specially selected investors at the the Accelerator's demo day which will take place alongside the MBTN Accelerating Ideas Conference on 28th March in London.

Here's a list of the startups that will be pitching on the demo day:


SAVE n FLEX is an innovative HR & Lifestyle startup pioneering Employee Discount from retailers. They leverage proprietary SaaS technology that connects retailers with employees via their employers. SAVE n FLEX negotiates exclusive discounts from a large number of retailers in Nigeria and provides access to these discounts to employees of their client companies. Taking advantage of their exclusive discounts means that salaries of client employees go further, allowing them to enjoy more of the things that they love. The SAVE n FLEX model allows everyone to be winners. Hence, they combine employee benefits with innovative technology and data to provide a platform that enables companies to show that they care for their employees, while helping their retail discount partners to grow their customer base.

Market without Borders

MWB is the world’s first blockchain international peer to peer marketplace for unbanked artisans in Africa. They have applied seamless end-to-end payments technology that enables international payments to be sent directly to people without bank accounts, internet or smartphones. This means that an artisan in East Africa can set up and run a shop on their site, selling to customers in the UK and US, and get paid straight to their mobile phone.

Survey 54

Survey54 is a people data company that allows companies to survey consumers across emerging markets. They use the power of mobile channels and open data to get answers for companies to make data-driven decisions. People are the voice of data in their communities and now have the power to express that through the technology Survey54 provides.

They are on a mission to harness and make this data accessible and actionable to those that have the power to make decisions. Survey54 aims to retrieve answers from audiences across Africa and the emerging markets, helping organisations to collect data, using the power of voice sentiment technology and social platforms.


Fineazy is a profit-with-purpose ed-tech venture improving financial literacy in Africa. They have developed an innovative approach to teaching basic financial concepts using bespoke content, conversational interface, storytelling and learning personalisation. Their goal is to empower all people to make excellent financial decisions, thereby unlocking the fin-tech value chain while driving sustainable financial inclusion.


Statmetrix is a video and data analytics platform that helps football coaches improve talent using data, and connects scouts with this insightful information, helping them to be more efficient in identifying the best talent suitable for their club.

Talent identification and recruitment in football is a multibillion-pound industry that often yields low return on investment (ROI) due to failed recruitment strategies. At youth level this ROI is even lower as clubs regularly send scouts around the world in search of talent or rely on subjective third-party information.

They are a growing team of ex-Bloomberg technologists and computer vision engineers being supported by a Chairman with previous experience and exit in sports technology. Their technology has been recognised by Innovate UK resulting in the award of a prestigious grant that has enabled them to begin trials with clubs in the UK and South Africa.

Soap Connoisseur

The Soap Connoisseur is an organic toiletry company, specializing in creating eco- luxury, skin loving, environmentally friendly soaps and body care products. Their expertly crafted skin food is crafted by hand using traditional and artisan methods. Their mission is to nurture your skin using their food inspired ingredients and the uniqueness of plant base product, sourced from the UK and beyond.


Define provides a 360° ‘one click’ solution to drafting and reviewing documents by helping users access defined terms and references in documents more easily without having to flick through lots of pages. It allows users to quickly review or edit defined terms and references in context, speeding up the drafting process.

Keoma Beauty

Keoma Beauty is a digital first lifestyle brand, aiming to be the global destination for multicultural beauty. Their intention is to remove the challenge of shopping for beauty products often encountered by women of colour, creating that go-to marketplace for curated beauty products and accessories. They aim to turn the experience of shopping for beauty products into a positive and enjoyable one, by bringing together carefully curated products for black and ethnic skincare, hair care and cosmetics.

Cloud Sports

Cloud Sports is a digital sports broadcast and streaming platform, focused on sports content originating out of the continent of Africa. Their aim is to become the go-to broadcaster when anyone across the globe desires to watch any bit of quality sports action taking place in Africa. They operate via a content subscription model.

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