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We caught up with Victor Bolu, founder of an innovative startup, and asked him to share a few thoughts and tips for fellow startup founders. Read on to learn more about what he had to say!

Hi, I am Victor, Co-Founder of Watchnerd.com and a super watchnerd!

WatchNerd was born from a desire of a group of watch nerds to educate and connect with fellow watch lovers. Tired of seeing watch enthusiasts make buying mistakes and frustrated by the lack of an easy way to research watches, we saw an opportunity to create an ultimate resource for the community.

My cofounder, Kola and I have known each other since University days (15 years ago). We connected over our shared love for Watches and have been inseparable since then. The battle for the ultimate watchnerd between us is yet to be settled.

Problem we are solving

The problem we are solving is there is no easy way to research luxury watches. Today, buyers navigate from website to website or they speak to the "watch guy", a trusted friend who knows about watches. It actually takes about 6-9 months for people to research buying a watch.

Our solution is an easy to use comparison platform for luxury watch buyers and enthusiasts, allowing them to make the most informed decisions, saving them unnecessary mistakes, time and effort in the search for the perfect watch.

How does it work?

In 3 easy steps:

  1. Use one of our many tools and channels to discover and find your next watch

  2. Use our comparison tool to compare prices, condition, dealer terms or whatever is most important to you across multiple retailers

  3. Once you have chosen your retailer, we will refer you to that retailer and you can buy with confidence

The Luxury watch market is exploding! With demand for the most popular watches at an all-time high. This $45billion market has finally seen online penetration and adoption and it’s time to take advantage!

Top 3 tips to up and coming founders

  1. Eat your own dog food... what does that mean? Make sure you experience the same problems you are trying to solve for your users and then use your product as your solution.

  2. Delegate; We only have 8-12 working hours a day, it’s impossible to do everything! Identify tasks that are either too low level or too complex for your current skill set. Find freelancers who can help you with these tasks and increase your speed to market.

  3. Work with real experts; As a startup you really need as much speed as possible, so it’s important that any one you hire or take on as a co-founder has to be an expert within their domain. This will help you avoid so many obvious mistakes. Also, as a founder you have to be an expert in your field, this is what will give you a competitive and unfair advantage against your competitors.

What you hope to achieve with watchnerd.com over the next 12 months?

Our vision is to be the most trusted go-to site for watch buyers that are researching buying their next watch.

We have recently launched our comparison engine which allows users to compare offers of a watch across multiple retailers and will continue adding new features to that during 2019/2020. We are also continuing to experiment with technology including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and these will become even more central to our functions in 2019/2020.

We are currently working on projects such as price forecasts where, using ML, we can tell the expected price of a product within a certain time frame. We also want to add ratings to every watch and brand using factors matter most to our users e.g. heritage, price, Craftsmanship, and so on.

Looking for your next watch? Visit Watchnerd.com.

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