The Ultimate Investor Pitch Deck Template

The Ultimate Investor Pitch Deck Template

Great startups don’t fund themselves. Raising money from investors for your startup is challenging at any stage and requires a great pitch, even for experienced founders with significant traction in their company.


The good news is that there’s a formula for pitching your startup that has helped startup founders raise millions.


This template gives you the magic formula with the key slides to include and questions to ask yourself as you fill in the slides with your startup's details.


Buy the template now, and read through the tips and questions within it to create a compelling investor pitch that you can both share with investors directly and put online to run a successful equity crowdfunding campaign.


Here are the 11 basic slides:

Slide 1: Vision / Elevator Pitch

Slide 2: Traction / Validation

Slide 3: Market Opportunity

Slide 4: The Problem

Slide 5: Product / Service

Slide 6: Revenue Model

Slide 7: Marketing & Growth Strategy

Slide 8: Team 

Slide 9: Financials

Slide 10: Competition

Slide 11: Investment ‘Ask’


This pitch deck template will turbo-charge your fundraising efforts and has helped many entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars from investors.


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