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    If you’re a start-up that’s looking for investors, a strong pitch book (or pitch deck) is the best investment you can make. A well-written, perfectly structured pitch book tells your story in a way that grabs the investor’s attention.


    You’ve surely seen typical PowerPoint presentations people create. They’re crammed with info, disorganized and rambling. We call this information dumping. An investor’s time is precious. Don’t waste it. Give them the precise information that will create interest. You need to get to first base, detail can follow.


    The 3 things investors look for in a pitch deck presentation


    • The magic of your product, the problem it solves and the secret sauce on how it works
    • The market: Who are you competing with and what is the potential size of the market
    • The team who will bring it to market. How will you open those wallets? How will you deliver?

    At MBTN Connect, we know what’s at stake. We understand you must present your plan backed by details and statistics that inspire enthusiasm and confidence. Simplicity is our guiding principle so that the slides become the background for conversation.


    Here’s the breakdown of perfect Pitch Deck structure and what investors want to see:


    • Title slide: Company logo, contact information and brilliant tagline
    • Problem & Opportunity: Where do you fit in the market, what need do you fill or problem you solve?
    • The Value Proposition: How your product/service fills that need or solves that problem.
    • The Magic: Paint a picture of how your product/service works. Use graphics.
    • Market Opportunity: Describe the market size and define your customer base.
    • The Competition: Who are they? How are you better? What do you do differently?
    • Business Model: How will you open up people’s wallets?
    • Market Approach & Strategy: How are you powering the growth of your business? What is your marketing plan?
    • Team & Key Stakeholders: Your key players, investors and advisors (and what they bring to the table).
    • Financials: Break down the numbers – 5 year projections, operating costs, staffing and key metrics (enlist a professional to help if needed).
    • Traction: What have you accomplished so far? What do expect to accomplish in 5 years?
    • The Ask: Here’s the close—detail the investment. Provide a timeline, milestones and how you will use the investor’s money.

    It pays to have a pro like MBTN Connect create your pitch books. We know how to boil down reams of information and turn it into a compelling story your investors will want to read more about.


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