A bespoke fundraising 
consulting service 

We offer a tailored consulting service that helps you grow through investor readiness and fundraising success.

Pitch Decks & Financial Models

Your dedicated fundraising partner

You’re up all hours sweating your PowerPoint and Spreadsheets. You want to have a sounding board or a second pair of eyes to tell you you’re on the right track. With MBTN Connect, you do. Our team of design, content pros and financial analysts helps you improve your chances in the fundraising process — helping you craft a compelling narrative, set the right strategy and build a visual presentation that gets the job done.


Become more successful in your fundraising efforts

Fundraising documents for your startup

  • Standard Founders Agreement

  • Standard Seed Round Agreement

  • Pre/ Post Money Cap Tables

  • Standard IP Assignment Agreement

  • Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement

Choose the package that's right for you!
All packages come with the additional fundraising documents per above
Investor Pitch Deck

Investor Pitch Deck

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

Pitch Deck and Financial Models

Pitch Deck and Financial Models



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