MBTN Startup School 

Your journey to building a successful business starts here

MBTN Startup School is a 4-week online video course, with 1:1 strategy sessions, community of startup founders, weekly exercises and downloadable templates, that show you how to start and grow a profitable business from scratch.

Build something people want

MBTN Startup School is designed for founder success. We teach you the ropes, from idea validation, to building a team, customer acquisition, fundraising and much more.

With downloadable lecture slides

A rigorous curriculum with online video classes and on-demand 1:1 mentoring to help get up to speed fast!

Fit Around Your Busy Schedule

We recognise you have other time commitments, so the program is designed to work around your schedule. Take the classes at your convenience.

Lifetime Community

All startup school graduates join our exclusive community of founders, for ongoing support and business opportunities.

A rigorous interactive experience

  • Learn the skills you need build a lean startup

  • Build real products and a beautiful portfolio

  • Download templates to use in your business

  • Acquire customers and scale fast


Lesson 1 – Idea Validation

  • Evaluating a startup idea

  • KPI’s & Goal Setting

  • How to talk to Users


Lesson 2 - Team

  • Building a winning team to execute your idea

  • How to find a technical co-founder

  • Growing your team without a budget for salaries

  • Hiring best practices


Lesson 3 – Sales & Marketing

  • Creating a marketing strategy to grow your business

  • Designing a sales process to boost revenue

Lesson 4 - Fundraising

  • How to find investors

  • Telling your startup’s story to investors

  • Anatomy of a winning investor pitch deck

Downloadable Templates

Idea Validation

  • Lecture Slides

  • KPI Setting Template

  • User Interview Questionnaire Template


Lesson 2 - Team

  • Lecture Slides

  • Founders Agreement Template

  • Employment Contract Template


Lesson 3 – Sales & Marketing

  • Lecture Slides

  • Content Marketing Plan Template

  • Sales Plan Template


Lesson 4 - Fundraising

  • Lecture Slides

  • Investor Pitch Deck Template

  • Fundraising Tracker Sheet

  • Seed Round Fundraising Agreement Template

  • Series A Term Sheet Template

We've helped dozens of founders on their way to becoming unicorns

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is startup school?

There are 4 lessons, which can be taken over 4 weeks. However, the course is flexible, so you can spend as much or as little time as you'd like, completing it.

What hardware do I need to participate in startup school?

A laptop, desktop or other mobile device.

Where do I need to be based to participate in startup school?

You can be based anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop or mobile device.

How do I book a strategy session?

After you enrol into startup school, you will be have a user profile created. From your user dashboard you will have access to our calendar, where you will be able to book your 1:1 session.

How much time do I need to dedicate to startup school

As much as you want. At a minimum, you'd need to set aside 2 hours for weekly lectures. You will also need to allocate 1 hour for a strategy session with us, as part of startup school.

How much does startup school cost?


What happens after I pay for startup school online?

You will be assigned a username and password, to login to the course, to begin learning at your own pace.

MBTN Startup School

MBTN Startup School


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